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How Dental Referrals Can Transform Your Practice

By Miranda Wu

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So you’re looking to grow and expand your dental practice. What better way to do this than referrals from your current patients?

Although dental referrals should comprise 40 to 60 percent of new patients, this process is one of the biggest missed opportunities we see in dental offices.

If you want to boost referrals at your practice, here’s what you should do:


Get Patients to Promote Your Practice





In the dental industry, your patients are your biggest champions, your most prolific sales team, and your most persuasive mouthpieces. What’s even better is that you don’t have to pay them a cent, provided you’ve done a good job.

When customer opinions are posted online, they carry more weight with new prospects than business statements. Potential clients are more influenced by the opinions of real people, after all.

As a matter of fact, 90% of people trust a brand recommendation from family and friends, and 70% trust other consumer opinions. This means that your clients are your greatest assets.

Here’s how you can get more patients to promote your dental services.

· Offer dental referral incentives: Create a referral program that rewards patient every time they refer someone. For example, a 10% discount the next time they visit or free teeth cleaning session.

· Provide excellent dental service: It’s no secret that your dental service needs to be of the highest quality. Natural dental referrals occur because your patients love your excellent service, friendly staff, or overall atmosphere.

· Ask for referrals: Timing is crucial! Ask for a referral when you notice your customer is impressed with your dental work. You can ask your patient while in the examination room or through email. But be creative, first thank the patient, and then tell them you’ll appreciate it if they send some new patients your way.

· Make dental referrals as easy as possible: Have a website page specifically designed for referrals. Also, you can create a landing page for referrals, but make it easy to access through your website. Make it clear what a customer will earn for referring a new client.


Implement Patient Tracking Techniques


How to get testimonials from your dental patients



Collecting and organizing patient information is more than just knowing their name. You can use the information to attract more patients, build customer relationships, create targeted marketing campaigns, and evaluate the effectiveness of existing marketing strategies.

Here’s a list of tracking techniques you can use to implement to collect patient details.

· Collect patient email addresses: Having your patients’ email addresses means you can access an entirely new marketing avenue. You can easily engage your customer by sending them newsletters, offers, etc.

The open rates of marketing emails sent by small businesses range between 15–28 percent for different businesses. This means that about ¼ of the emails you will send will be opened, which is a pretty good statistic.

· Online surveys: Running a survey among patients after successful dental treatment is an excellent way to learn more about your patients. From these surveys, you can extract a decent amount of data about them (interests, income, civil status). This information will give you a general picture of your target audience and buying persona.

· Patient interviews: Direct interviews are the best way to fill in the missing gaps left out by surveys, feedback, answer boxes, and impersonal forms. You can carry out patient interviews through online video chat, email, phone calls, and face-to-face meetings.

· Social media engagement: Request your customers to follow you or like your page, particularly Facebook. Through a "like," you can collect the demographic information from your followers age-groups, cities, gender, language spoken, etc.


Automate and Increase Online Reviews





We live in a culture where everything practically runs on online reviews. From public shaming business owners to post a positive review of a local business, online reviews are now the best democratic process of determining how we use our money.

Online reviews influence nearly 90 percent of customers' buying decisions. Simply, your ability to create and increase online reviews can greatly transform your business.

· Provide excellent customer service: If you provide great dental services to your patient, you'll receive better online reviews. Patient experience must be the center of your business, and you should make sure they always feel appreciated.

· Automate online reviews: Most customers will leave an online review, but only if you ask them. Our company, BuzzyBooth, automates the outreach process—we do the asking for you!


What’s Next

Getting dental referrals through digital marketing can be overwhelming, and let's be real; most dentists don’t have time to peruse most of the digital marketing strategies.

This is where BuzzyBooth can help! We have the tools to automate these processes and make it much easier for you to increase your dental referrals. Get in touch with us if you would like to discuss how to implement your dental referral programs.

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