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How to Effectively Market your Dental Practice

By Miranda Wu

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Effective marketing for dentists and knowing how to create brand advocates is the pinnacle of success, especially during the post-pandemic era. People are easing back into society as the nation begins opening back up, and ensuring growth during this time within dental and orthodontist practices is necessary to keep up. Though finding new ways to market during an already busy industry can feel daunting, it does not have to be with respected marketing experts on your side, such as BuzzyBooth, a resource that has helped generate over 80 million impressions.


What is Brand Advocating?



First and foremost, a brand advocate is someone who enhances your brand through the powerful word of mouth marketing method. These are the people who leave positive reviews with your practice, refer new patients, and create marketing content on your behalf. Some brand advocate program examples include:

  • Airbnb: This is a sharing-economy icon is a business that inspires people to open their homes to avid travelers, basing the mission on mutual respect and trust. Their marketing strategy targeted emotional chords with their customers, as it fulfilled shared values in an effort to create strong brand experiences. This inevitably equates to brand loyalty.
  • Starbucks: Another big industry that thrives on brand advocacy is Starbucks. As making Forbes's 50 most engaging companies list, Starbucks offers excellent customer experiences and puts their team members first to inspire employee advocacy. In turn, this promotes customer brand advocacy, allowing them to reach over $26 billion in market value in 2019.

In summary, you want to have this cultivated support as it is one of the most effective marketing for dentists to achieve growth. Keep in mind that these are two entirely different industries, meaning this form of marketing is ideal for everyone, including dental practices.


How to Create Brand Advocates

From gaining more patients, influencing patients to promote your practice, to collecting patient contacts for further marketing, the benefits for brand advocating are substantial. But getting to that point successfully requires several fundamental steps.




  • Identify Your Drivers: Patients attach themselves to several different drivers, so knowing what you offer that keeps them wanting your service so you can amplify them. Personalize those prime drivers, and that will give you a leg up above your competition.
  • Focus on Your Relationship: Brand advocacy boils down to the relationships you build with your patients. When you take the time to develop secure, personalized connections, your patients will remember that and will be more inapt to refer you.
  • Be Inspiring: Go above and beyond what your patients are expecting and surprise them. Give them an unexpected benefit, or expectational service that inspires them to leave a good word of mouth trail. Something as small as a personalized thank you card can work wonders.
  • Don’t Underestimate Online Presence: Whatever you do, do not neglect to stay connected with people online. Leverage social media, your website, and any other place that you can promote your brand. This part is vital, but often overlooked due to the time it takes to keep up with it. That is why you should know you do not have to do it on your own. There are resources that can assist you in optimizing your brand advocacy.


Create Brand Advocates with BuzzyBooth

The competition within the virtual marketing world is fierce. In order to make your practice stand out from the rest relies on giving your patients incredible experiences and fostering emotional ties, so they want to market with you. Having loyal patients who advocate for your practice and drive more marketing exposure is critical, and if you want to have the best advantage to reach that point, contact BuzzyBooth today so you can become the next iconic brand advocate program example. From their highly engaging Selfie Kiosk feature, assistance in scheduling leading social media posts, and helping you gain more positive reviews to their automated system that increases referral rates, you will have all the essential tools to prosper within your practice.



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