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Social Media: The Greatest Marketing Tool for Dentists

By Miranda Wu

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More people visit dentists today than ever before. We're past the point where people can ignore their oral health!

Within this competitive market and the ever-growing digital age, if you want to bring in new patients, social media is your best tool yet. Here’s some ways you as a dentist or orthodontist can up your social media game.


How social media content helps dentists

When customers need to visit the dentist, they do one of two things:

● ask a friend or relative

● search online

Sites like Facebook and Instagram filter their results. So, how can you make sure they pick you?


Optimize your information




If you want to attract new customers, you need to optimize your information or make it easy to access. There are a few essential things viewers should see when they visit your page.

● Address

● Phone Number

● Map

● Working Hours

● Website Link

● Option to Book an Appointment


Engage and interact

The worst thing you can do is make your social media unapproachable, outdated and/or hard to understand. With dentistry or orthodontics, it's easy to fall into the trap of medical jargon and hard statistics. But if you want to attract customers, you need to engage with them on their level like in any other service industry.




Share funny stories from your work, post pictures of happy patients, add funny comments, and tag them. Maybe even mix in a meme or two. You want your customers to like and share these posts so your page builds traction. Done right, this will set you apart from your competitors.


Get good reviews

Statistics show that an overwhelming percentage of customers will buy a product if it has good reviews. In an industry like dentistry, positive word of mouth is everything. So when a customer visits your practice, build up a rapport with them. Tell them how much you'd appreciate if they left a review on your page.

Also, if clients are booking appointments through your social media pages, follow up with a request for a review. The more glowing your recommendations, the better your practice rates, and the higher up Facebook ranks your page.


Target your content




More than 90 percent of dental appointments are made by women. Never forget your target audience when you post content. Female buyers prefer to have more information before they make a decision.

Show your expertise and build confidence by writing and sharing articles. Break down the steps of common procedures in a way your readers can understand. Share facts and tips about oral hygiene. Create appealing video content and schedule your posts in advance. Above all, keep your readers engaged, and make sure your content never grows stale.


Interact online

If you want to build brand loyalty, you need to interact with your customers directly. You can do this by hosting Facebook or Instagram Lives and holding Q&As. Once people know they can come to you for their everyday dental questions, you'll receive a lot of online attention.


How can BuzzyBooth help create social media content for dentists?

Our team of creators is dedicated to helping businesses interact with their customers. Your specialists may be great at dentistry, but they don't have a degree in social media or automation processes for reviews, outreach, etc!

By promoting events, running competitions, sharing engaging photos and patient selfies, you can bond with your clients through our tools at BuzzyBooth. Our team helps you post regularly scheduled content to attract new customers and keep current ones invested.

So what are you waiting for? Get started with BuzzyBooth today.

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