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The Power of Dental Referral Programs

By Miranda Wu

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When it comes to dentistry, it is pretty evident that as the dental owner, you have to wear many hats. You not only have to perform your role with your patients, but you also have to be the manager, marketer, and the driving force that brings in new patients to foster growth. Because patient care can make it hard to focus on dental marketing, such as online dental referrals, you should utilize respected tools such as BuzzyBooth to help you succeed.


Why are Online Dental Referrals Necessary?



A dental referral program for your patients acts very similarly to other reward programs. Because dental offices tend to lose anywhere between 15-20% of patients every year due to natural attrition, referral programs can help reduce that impact. In fact, it can make it feel like it is not an issue at all when done correctly. With referrals responsible for nearly 63% of all new patients, it is clear that this method not only works, but it is also the most effective marketing strategy for the dental industry.

For reference, here are some more impressive statistics to consider:

  • Word of mouth marketing accounts for 20-50$ of all sales.
  • People are four times more likely to choose a business if they are referred to it by a friend.
  • Referred dental patients tend to be much more loyal than other patients.
  • 91% of Americans state that they would share an exclusive offer that was sent to them to their friends and family.


How to Obtain More Referrals



  • Get Involved in Your Local Business Community: Get out and join your local business community to contribute to the continuing prosperity. You will not only be supporting a local thriving economic environment, you will also be listed on both printed and online directories that can help expose your practice to hundreds of locals.
  • Connect with Other Business Owners: Make acquaintance with other local business owners and leaders. Take the initiative to meet them, introduce yourself and your practice, and perhaps offer them a brochure with a one-time free teeth cleaning offer. Then migrate to discussing how you both can cross-promote each other.
  • Talk to A Professional Email Marketer: Places like BuzzyBooth have incredible mastery when it comes to automation and email campaign generation. If you want to get the most out of your marketing referral program, getting someone who professionalizes in it would be ideal for getting started on the right foot.
  • Entice your Existing Patients: Incentivize your patients and employees to help create more business. These incentives do not have to cost you a ton, but it can be as simple as saying thank you to your patients and ensuring them that they will have an exceptional experience with you every time. Overall, building patient referrals takes time, repetition, and a multi-channel mix to make it work.


Get Started Today



If you are just getting started with the concept of online dental referrals, or have been doing it for a while now, but just do not have the time to keep up with the process, let BuzzyBooth assist you. BuzzyBooth is a top marketing automation tool available on the market today and is home to the most effective dental referral program that guarantees more patients, revenue, and seamless integration.

So, if you want to take advantage of total automated review requests, user-friendly monitoring, and gain high-level results for low-level effort, contact BuzzyBooth today for a free consultation and see how you get 5+ referrals in just this week alone. Remember, your patients are your biggest advocates, so give them the ability to help you grow.

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