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Try This Marketing Solution for Your Orthodontic Practice

By Miranda Wu

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There is no doubt that orthodontists are a significant value to society as a whole. They offer incredible, life-changing services for people, and can really foster extraordinary outcomes that increase life quality for people of all ages. However, there is no denying that orthodontists often struggle to find unique ways to market themselves in the high demand industry. It is not easy to market in general, but for this industry in particular, it can be even more problematic because most people seek orthodontists via referrals and word of mouth.

So, how can orthodontists stand out from the crowd, get those referrals, and grow their brand? Simple, with an orthodontic photo booth.


What is an Orthodontic Photo Booth?


The orthodontic photo booth by BuzzyBooth is a wonderful, fun way to drive more revenue and get more patients coming through your door. This interactive piece of technology was strategically built for dental and orthodontic practices like yours. It promotes high engagement, effective social media sharing, and allows your practice to become a much more memorable experience. With tons of success stories thus far, placing a photo booth in your office is guaranteed to cultivate brand advocates that will produce a domino effect for your brand, gaining it more exposure than ever before.


Benefits of Investing in a BuzzyBooth Orthodontic Photo Booth



Aside from having the latest marketing and technology featured in your office, you can gain an impeccable amount of benefits by going this route, which will inadvertently give you a massive return on your investment very quickly. Some of those key positive features include:


More Social Media Impressions

When kids visit and play with the photo booth, they will be enticed to share their experience and time on their social media accounts. This, in turn, will give you fantastic exposure.


You Save Time and Money

Sure, it will cost you upfront, but you are going to be saving a whole lot of time and money in the long run. This is a way for you to gain marketing without needing to tap into other costly marketing tactics. You simply set up the booth and have your patients do the marketing for you. This will drive new patients and allow you to gain more revenue.


They Offer a Memorable Takeaway

In most cases, going to an orthodontist office is dull, dry, and maybe even a bit scary for some. But adding a photo booth is a way to lighten the mood and make patients feel more welcomed, comfortable, and relaxed. This means their overall experience will be uplifted, and that is exactly what you want them to take away.


The Win-Win Solution



With the BuzzyBooth kiosk, you are subjecting your orthodontic practice to an intense marketing advantage. It allows your patients to enjoy their visit, have an upgraded experience overall, and leave feeling excited. In turn, you get more exposure, more brand advocates, and more patients as a result. It is a win-win solution on all fronts, and one certainly worth looking into if you truly want to up your orthodontist game.

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