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3 Restaurant Marketing Ideas That'll Boost Your Business

By Miranda Wu

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As a restaurant owner, you want to spend most of your time doing what you do best —making great food. But even though this is a big factor in the success of your business, you also need to spend time coming up with restaurant marketing ideas to win new customers.

To help you, we’ll take a quick look at the key motivations why people eat out. Then, we’ll share 3 restaurant marketing ideas to help you target these motivations.


Why People Dine Out



  • Food: First up, it’s the obvious one that still holds today. In a recent survey, 63% of diners said the type of food was their main motivation to eat out.
  • Fun: Enjoying good times is as important to our wellbeing as eating nutritious food. And, studies show 78% of millennials would rather spend money on great experiences than physical items. 
  • Business: According to research, 40% of diners visit restaurants because of work-related reasons.
  • Positive reviews: 90% of customers say positive online reviews have influenced their decision to visit a restaurant.


Restaurant Marketing Ideas to Increase Customers

So, how can you use this knowledge to market your restaurant? Good restaurant marketing ideas will come easier when you know what customers are looking for.

With these ideas, you can run automated marketing campaigns to get back the time and resources you need to focus on delivering great food and service. So, while we can help you to target three out of the four points (Fun, Business, Positive Reviews) when it comes to food, well, that’s down to you.


Host Engaging Events



Hosting a great event—both for business and pleasure—will allow you to target all three customer motivations. Email or text message marketing for restaurants can help you reel in new customers! Use personalized email and SMS messages to promote your events, make sure customers have a great time, then follow-up with a call-to-action asking them to leave an online review. Here's some email marketing campaign examples that BuzzyBooth has worked on.


Offer Regular Discounts

Automated text message or email marketing for restaurants will help you gain insights to create a profile of your customers. Use them to customize your marketing and to target your customers. For business diners, why not offer lunchtime group discounts? For pleasure seekers, a Saturday saving? Give them a great time and you’ll be hitting all four motivations—that’s if your food is up to scratch too!


Encourage Groups



Putting a selfie-kiosk in your restaurant is a guaranteed way to engage groups of fun-seekers. Promote it through automated email and SMS campaigns and include a ‘bring a friend’ discount or group offer. For business diners, consider offering a reward for bringing guests or a link to a ‘refer-a-friend’ discount. Then, as part of your automation, get some positive reviews by following up with an automated review request.


Take Action Today with BuzzyBooth

Getting new or existing customers into your restaurant isn’t always easy. But, with a set of restaurant marketing ideas designed to attract people for exactly the reasons they want to come, it won’t be long before you have a steady stream of sales. 

BuzzyBooth offers integrated digital marketing tools to help restauranteurs increase their customers’ loyalty. Our Selfie Kiosks are a fantastic way to make any event special, offering the chance to share photos of great times spent with friends and family. But this is not all, as we know you need ongoing, automated marketing campaigns that target customers across the channels they prefer.

And, where SMS has an open rate of 98%, it makes sense to use a multi-channel marketing experience (text message and email marketing campaigns) that can be personalized to your customer’s preferences. Get in touch, we’d be more than happy to offer a free demonstration.


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