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Brand Advocates: The Newest Growth Tool For Your Business

By Miranda Wu

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These days, a business is not just a business. If you own a B2C model company, you are also a brand. Some businesses spend all of their marketing efforts on brand identity. This would include sectors like restaurants, beauty stores, clothing stores or even hair salons, to name a few. But whether you sell a service or a product, you need to have a well-crafted brand message to engage with your customers. Who are the best people to share your brand’s story? Influencers. They can be your best allies to boost revenues and exposure. Today, we are going to take a look at the best and easiest ways to learn how to create brand advocates for your business.

So, who qualifies as an influencer for your marketing needs? Anyone with an online audience who loves your brand. When you are building your marketing efforts, no audience size is too big or too small. You need to get traffic into your store and that can come from brand advocates of all reaches.


How to Create Brand Advocates



Creating brand advocates doesn’t have to be a costly endeavor. Sure, you could spend thousands of dollars on popular social media influencers. But before breaking the bank, how about looking to your own customers first?

The first step is to engage with some of your happy customers and ask them to promote your business. You can do this by asking them for a social media post about your brand, or even better, have them write a positive review on Yelp or Facebook. Many customers will be happy to do this. Others may need a little incentivizing. There is nothing wrong with offering a small discount or some other freebie to encourage your customers to take action on your behalf. Reviews are worth their weight in gold and every positive one you have can translate into more visibility for your brand and more sales.


Try a Permanent Installation Photo Booth



How will these newfound influencers post about your store? Pictures are the fastest and easiest way to share your brand with a large group of people. But it’s not like your customers are going to set up a full photo shoot at your place of business. This is why you are going to bring the photoshoot to them.

A permanent installation photo booth is an enticing way to get your customers to take photos and immediately upload them and share with their online audiences. Simply set up the photo booth and your customers will take care of the rest.

These are two great ways to create brand advocates. But wait, where are you going to get that permanent installation photo booth? At BuzzyBooth, our selfie kiosk is the answer. It stays at your location permanently and brands any images your customers take with your logo.

Oh, and those reviews you need? We’ll take care of that too. We have an automated platform that is dedicated to generating the positive reviews you need to get noticed.

At BuzzyBooth, we offer creative solutions for all of your online marketing needs.

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