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Case Study: Behind The Loop's Success

By Miranda Wu

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THE CHALLENGE: 70% Of Restaurant Customers Never Come Back For A Second Visit

After siblings Minh and Loan Nguyen opened The Loop, a churros joint in Orange County, CA, they struggled with increasing their customer return rate.

Not surprising, considering that California alone has over 68 thousand restaurants and more opening every few weeks.



One major problem the brothers were facing was getting customers through the door, let alone the challenge of get them to return.

According to a study by Thanx for customer retention, 70% of restaurant visitors never actually come back.

Not to mention, Minh and Loan were trying to promote to millennials.

Generation Y or millennials have a whopping $600 billion in spending power each year in the US.

However, 84% of millennials are influenced by User Generated Content (UGC) and Reviews that restaurants have on sites like Google or Yelp.

According to a survey, over 51% of Americans trust UGC to make their purchasing decisions. Most consumers search the internet for reviews before they step a foot in the door of any restaurant they see.

What’s worse is they don’t leave feedback unless they are upset from the service or had a bad experience.

So, for the Nguyen brothers, asking for a review was never easy.

The siblings were faced with a challenge and they knew they were losing money. In addition, keeping track of their customer base was a tough task.

Recording customers' contact information for targeted ads or promotions was very difficult, especially considering that most of them would take their order and just leave.

Between tracking visitors, collecting their information and sending them special offers or announcements about new menu items, there were just too many things for the Nguyens to monitor.

They needed to find a solution that could help them cut this drain and get customers to keep coming back.


THE SOLUTION: Simple and Easy Way to Collect Contacts and Increase Returned Customers

When Minh Nguyen first saw a demo for BuzzyBooth, it ticked all the boxes for him right away.

He was looking for a solution that can help track down customers and entice them with promotions or offers.

Since the Loop was targeting millennials, Minh was also trying to create a fun and engaging environment for all visitors in his restaurant.

With their photo kiosk, BuzzyBooth made it super simple to capture all customer data in a seamless way.

Every time a customer takes a photo or a video with the Kiosk and enters their information, the software automatically collects their phone number and email address.



It then instantly sends them the photo or the video to their email or phone number so they can start sharing it on their social media accounts.

The software also asks the customer to leave a review, which was in many cases a positive one.

Soon after installing BuzzyBooth's Kiosk at the Westminster Location, the Nguyen brothers had a big list of happy customers that they were able to promote to anytime.

Even better, the BuzzyBooth Kiosk aided in a fun and engaging in-store experience for The Loop. It allowed customers to easily take photos with different types of filters.

These Facial Recognition Filters made it super fun and easy for users to take photos that left them feeling happy which enhanced the whole experience at The Loop.




The software that comes with BuzzyBooth's Kiosk allowed the Loop to create effective promotional campaigns.

Every time they released a new menu item or they wanted to run a promotion, The Loop could easily do that with a couple of clicks, since the Kiosk had already collected customer information.

They were also able to reward returning customers instantly, which increased sales and loyalty.

Before they knew it, their customers were promoting their restaurant and acting as Brand Ambassadors for their business.

Because the photos were branded to The Loop, soon the name started to show up on all these social media accounts, which created a HUGE buzz for them.




The Loop was able to capture a lot of those lost leads and retarget them with marketing campaigns using BuzzyBooth software.


THE RESULT: Over 60,000 Contacts In A Record Time!

After installing their first BuzzyBooth Kiosk, The Loop was eager to test their retention and run campaigns for their customers.

BuzzyBooth's software allowed them to increase their referral rate with a click of a button.



Choosing between email or SMS, the Nguyen brothers were able to instantly connect with their customers and send them promotions or entice them with a discount or special offer.

It was also easy to track how many users opened their message and how many have redeemed the offer.

Soon they were able to see the results...

Over 9.8M impressions generated from people seeing their posted content.

The software made that possible on the back-end by tracking links on each shared photo then calculating the number of impressions.

Engagement was off the charts and they had over 27,000 shares on social media.

They’ve also managed to collect over 60,000 contacts and increase their customer base, creating highly targeted campaigns to grow their revenue even more.




Ever since, The Loop has been growing its customer base, increasing its online presence through positive reviews, and gaining customer referrals in the process.

BuzzyBooth helps restaurant owners create effective marketing campaigns with the easy to use Photo Booth Kiosk integrated with a marketing automation software that can help:

· Build a solid online presence across different social media channels

· Gain positive reviews

· Increase customer referrals

If you’re struggling to grow your business or looking to increase your customer retention or even bump up your reviews, then maybe we can help.


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