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Email Marketing: The Future of the Restaurant Industry

By Miranda Wu

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How can you get more customers? What’s the best way to market your bar or restaurant? Word of mouth is one, but that isn't enough. If you want your place packed, you'll need to do a lot more. The answer is simple: email marketing services for restaurants.

If you want to compete in a competitive market, you'll have to build a loyal clientele. To do that, you first need to attract new customers. Then you can turn them into regulars.

So how can email marketing services help you?


Attracting new customers



Attract first-time customers by offering deals and discounts if they join your email list. Customers like feeling in control. When you give them the option of choosing to receive information, they feel more inclined to listen than with an advertisement trying to sell them something.


Convert first-timers into repeat customers

Ask first-time customers to join your email list. You can draw them in by offering special discounts and deals to subscribers. Never underestimate the draw of an exclusive offer!

Your goal is to get customers on the list any way you can. Once they're there and looking forward to your offer, you can promote your restaurant or bar using other marketing strategies.


Referral campaigns



The best thing about email marketing services for restaurants and bars is no one wants to eat or drink alone. So, all you need to do is convince one person to start a ripple effect. You get one client, and they invite three friends. Then each of those friends invites a few other people. And before you know it, you have a dedicated customer base.

But it isn't enough to hope people will refer you. No, you have to make it impossible for them not to. Do this by adding referral campaigns to your email list. If inviting a friend means getting a coupon, free drink, or dessert, most people will do it. Now you have your customers promoting for you. What more could you want?


Create an event circle

You can use your email service for more than simply giving out deals. Most restaurants and bars have events or themed nights. Inviting your customers and creating a social circle will help keep them invested. Now you aren't just a place they eat; you're a part of their lives.


Make them feel special




If you want to really make your customers feel special, go the extra step with your email list. Automate services like birthday messages. Offering a generous gift like a free meal or round of drinks can go a long way.

Services like that are easily automated. So your customers will feel special, and you won't even have to think about it. Not to mention, these services improve online reviews and word of mouth by a lot. When you're in the service industry, it always helps to have a good reputation.

Note: It is also a great idea to combine SMS and email marketing. Everything we have discussed above can be done through SMS marketing as well. And BuzzyBooth is great at combining the two strategies for best results.


How can BuzzyBooth help?

The best part of email marketing is how easy it becomes once you automate the services. You want to create systems for regular sendoffs, discount info, and services like birthday deals. However, you still need to make sure your content is fresh, original, and attractive.

BuzzyBooth helps businesses navigate that path between regular posts and personalized content. Left to their own devices, many restaurants send off stale content that drives off potential customers. Above all, you never want your customers to feel like they're a name on a list.

Finally, with our research-based software and tested methods, we can improve customer response from opt-in email marketing eight times over. Get started with BuzzyBooth today!

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