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How a Photo Booth Can Improve Your Restaurant Marketing Strategy

By Chase Maser

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In addition to redesigning your menu or coming up with a customer loyalty program, another great way to improve your restaurant marketing strategy is to add a photo booth for patrons to experience.

And it doesn’t have to be some bulky, obtrusive machine that comes across as a marketing ploy. Instead, a dedicated selfie kiosk from Buzzybooth is the perfect solution to offer customers a fun, memorable time at your restaurant, while giving you access to a treasure trove of insights and customer feedback to help grow your business.

To give you an idea of how useful a photo booth for your restaurant can be, here are a few things to consider:


Give Your Restaurant Customers Something to Do

When restaurant customers aren’t seated yet, a photo booth gives them something to do and is a positive way to market your restaurant.

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Rather than telling people to wait for 30 minutes, you can invite them to take a silly photo with all kinds of filters and animations. Whether it’s a couple, friends, or a big family outing, a photo booth creates an opportunity to cut down long wait times, while developing user-generated content (UGC) that promotes your brand. In return, customers can email photos to themselves and share them instantly on social media.

Before they know it, their table is ready and you have people online sharing your venue’s location, generating positive feedback online that other potential customers can explore.


You Can Improve Your Social Media Presence

Restaurant marketing ideas typically rely on building a social media presence, and with a photo booth, you have access to unlimited content that you can share to generate popularity.

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Not only does a restaurant photo booth allow customers to capture and share images instantly, but every photo taken is stored and available for you to use on your own social media channels. For example, BuzzyBooth stockpiles all of your UGC into one database that you can easily pull from to develop your restaurant marketing strategies. You can simply log in to the platform, find a photo you love from a customer, and re-share it onto your desired platform to showcase to others what their own experience can be like in your establishment.

To gain the best results, you should distribute content on multiple platforms in order to gain the widest audience reach. Quite often, so many businesses falter in the social media department because they don’t have enough quality content to post, as well as time to share things consistently. With BuzzyBooth, that problem quickly disappears.


You Gain Email Subscriptions at the Same Time

Not to mention, for every restaurant customer who uses the photo booth, you get a variety of metrics that you can use to build your email subscription lists.

According to Oberlo, 81% of small businesses use email marketing as their primary channel to drum up new customers. Restaurant marketing strategies are no exception, and if you haven’t spent any time developing this aspect of your business, BuzzyBooth can help you get started.

Sourced from searchenginejournal.com

Essentially, customers fill out a form with their basic information before they can email or text message a photo to themselves from the selfie kiosk. This means that instantly, they share with you their full name, email address, telephone number, and city. With this data, you can input the customer’s information into the right email subscriber list to send them relevant offers and discounts whenever you have them.

Using a photo booth from BuzzyBooth eliminates the constant promoting and extra leg work that goes into developing a restaurant marketing strategy for email because all you have to do is invite them to take a picture. Whether it’s before or after a meal, place the selfie kiosk somewhere accessible and inviting, and make it an integral part of your restaurant marketing ideas.


Build Positive Customer Reviews

Lastly, a restaurant photo booth provides you with an opportunity to build positive customer reviews.

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A restaurant marketing idea that you can use to encourage restaurant customers to leave a review is to invite them to take a picture at the photo booth, post it on social media with a review, and tag your business for a chance to win a free appetizer or meal. Determining how to encourage customers to write reviews is tricky at best but with a photo booth, you skillfully transform the task into something fun that leads to positive feedback online.

Even asking for a review becomes outdated with a selfie kiosk from BuzzyBooth. Your only job is to give restaurant customers a simple way to have fun, and in return, you’ll no doubt receive praise and tons of extra content to fuel future restaurant marketing ideas that win customers over even more.


Improve Your Restaurant Marketing Strategy with BuzzyBooth

Now that you know the benefits of a restaurant photo booth, you can work with an expert team to improve your restaurant marketing strategy in no time.

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With a dedicated selfie kiosk from BuzzyBooth, all of the marketing possibilities mentioned above become a reality. Plus, you have a supportive staff who’s ready to answer any questions and ensure that your restaurant is set up for success. To request a free demo of products and services, please click this link. To learn more about BuzzyBooth and explore what other benefits it can offer your industry, visit our site today!

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