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How Successful Marketing Campaigns Can Transform Your Restaurant Business

By Miranda Wu

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Owning a restaurant is no easy endeavor. There are so many things you constantly need to have your eye on, from food inventory, to staff, to the quality of food going out. Not to mention abiding by health codes, managing multiple employee personalities and crunching the numbers. And this is all before you give marketing a single thought. However, marketing is one of the most important factors to running a successful restaurant. You won’t need to do any of the above tasks if you can’t fill the tables.

You need an easy but effective way to market to your past customers as well as potential new ones. Are you taking advantage of email marketing campaigns? Today, we are going to take a look at email marketing services for restaurants and see if they can truly make a difference.


What Exactly is Email Marketing?

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Email marketing is an incredibly effective marketing tool that you may not be utilizing. Think of it as a direct portal where you can contact all of your past customers. Wouldn’t it be great if you could remind past guests what a wonderful time they had at your restaurant? That’s the beauty of email marketing.

The same goes for SMS marketing for restaurants. Imagine if your customers could pick up their phone and see a text message from your restaurant. There is no greater way to reach your customers. This sure beats mailing a flyer!


How to Create an Email Marketing Campaign



Okay, so now you are excited to use email marketing for your restaurant. But what do you write? First and foremost, you want to keep it brief. No one wants to read a novel, even from their favorite restaurant. Email and SMS marketing should always offer your customers something of value. This can be in the form of a discount or even a complimentary dish. People love to get things for free. And even better, you know if they are coming to your restaurant for a deal, they are absolutely going to order more food and drinks. That’s more money directly in your pocket, just from a single email or SMS message. Can you think of a more powerful marketing tool?


How Can We Help?



Like we mentioned, you have your hands full being a restauranteur. At BuzzyBooth, we are the digital marketers you need. We are experts in email marketing services for restaurants. Like the idea of texting? We can also execute sms marketing services for restaurants as well. Let us take the pressure of marketing off of your shoulders and use our proven tactics to make your marketing work. Did you know that a single email can bring back up 15% more customers this week? We do! And we know how to craft your emails for maximum conversions.

At BuzzyBooth, we let you keep your focus on running your restaurant. You already have enough to think about. We are the digital partner you need to run effective email marketing campaigns that convert!

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