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How Positive Reviews Can Carry Your Restaurant Through COVID-19

By Miranda Wu

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We are all familiar with the routine these days when it comes to finding someplace new to eat. Once we find a few nearby spots, we check out the reviews and ratings and usually make our decision based on those. This is the new normal when it comes dining out in this digital age. So how do you, as a restaurant owner, increase restaurant reviews for your establishment?

There are many things that you can do to increase reviews for your restaurant, but before we dive into some of those let’s look at reviews as a whole.

Why are Reviews Useful?

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This is a great question. For one, they offer the ability for your customer to give immediate and impactful feedback on their experience with your establishment. Yes, it’s also a double-edged sword because bad reviews do happen. But these are also opportunities for you to improve your customer experience by addressing their concerns immediately.

Reviews also drive new customers to your restaurant. A bad review for your competitor vs a good review for yours, is a win for you. These kinds of situations create loyalty changes within your customer base and help create new ones. Reviews also help build trust with your customers.

A good review and more so, a great review, is a great way to market your restaurant online. You can even build an entire marketing campaign off a string of great reviews.


How do Positive Reviews Help?



Let’s face it, if you’ve had even one bad review you understand how impactful just one bad review can actually be. They can even sink some properties who don’t have a built-in campaign to overcome them.

More positive reviews for your restaurant is the most effective way to drive new customers through your doors. Even more so during these times we live in, positive reviews about the way your restaurant has adapted are exceedingly important. If your customers know that your property is looking out for their health and well-being while also exceeding their expectations for service, they’re more likely to do their quarantine take-out orders from you.

Increase your restaurant reviews in a positive way and you will organically drive more new customers to your establishment. Even when it’s for take-out, the ease in which you pivot to fit the times helps drive more positive reviews for your restaurant online.

Using the positive reviews for your restaurant to increase your online presence can increase your customer base. Tying your customer feedback into your email marketing campaigns or social media marketing is a great way to effectively use your positive reviews. Even sharing how a bad review lead to change and how you interacted with that customer to improve their experience can drive more positive reviews.

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This is where BuzzyBooth comes in. Our automated review software collects your customer reviews and notifies you. Positive reviews are ready for sharing, and the not so great ones you’re able to review and address as you see fit.

Instantly see feedback from your customers and then incorporate those into BuzzyBooth’s email marketing campaigns for your restaurant.

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