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Marketing Tools for Restaurants and Bars to Overcome COVID

By Miranda Wu

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With the rise of sanitizing concerns since the beginning of 2020, restaurants and bars did not get off to a great start to cultivate growth and brand awareness. Now that these industries are slowly opening back up, fostering back that initial loyal customer base while attracting new ones is more critical than ever before. With effective marketing strategies for restaurants and bars being the heart of brand advocacy and success, leveraging these strategies is vital. Here's some ways you can succeed in regaining customers in the post-pandemic age.


Automated Marketing




Automation is essential for busy restaurant and bar owners if they want to practice effective marketing strategies without having to sacrifice other important aspects of their business. For instance, with BuzzyBooth’s automated platform, you will be able to utilize automated email marketing and SMS marketing to increase ROI rates, use the automated referral program to convert customers into brand advocates, and gain positive reviews to grow your reputation. With BuzzyBooth’s evident ability to reach customers 8X faster than traditional methods, you are giving yourself the best setup to prosper above your competition.

The best part is that setting this up is easy and quick, and you have complete monitoring activity access to see how your marketing strategies are performing with BuzzyBooth’s automated assistance.


Try a Photo Booth



Though automation is a prime feature, never skip over the power of establishing brand advocates. Word of mouth and having others market your restaurant or bar on your behalf is a leading marketing strategy and one you will not want to miss out on if you are serious about rising. With BuzzyBooth’s selfie Kiosk, you are giving your business an advantage. Not only is this a fun, attractive device for your customers to play around with, it also makes it incredibly easy for them to share their photos with your brand associated with it, inevitably promoting you.

In addition, BuzzyBooth sets up the account for you before shipping, so all you have to do is plug it in and connect it to your Wi-Fi. Then take some time to track the progress as you go (daily, weekly, or monthly if you wish) to see what photo booth ideas for restaurants are working better than others. For reference, some popular photo booth ideas include:

  • Fun, interchangeable props that have your logo on them
  • A diverse range of unique backdrops
  • Host competitions, such as taking photos of your favorite drink. Or set up a game where the person who gets the most social media likes on their BuzzyBooth photo during a particular timeframe receives a free meal/drink award.


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It is no secret that effective marketing strategies for restaurants and bars are the key to growth. Because there is so much riding on the implementation of these marketing strategies, take advantage of the resources around you, such as BuzzyBooth, to reach even more heightened results. From their photo booth ideas for restaurant and bar brand awareness to their impeccable marketing automation tools for better campaign operations, you will achieve seamless, hassle-free success in no time.

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