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Welcome to the BuzzyBooth Restaurant Blog!

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Welcome to the BuzzyBlog!

We are all familiar with the routine these days when it comes to finding someplace new to eat. Once we find a few nearby...

Tags: Restaurant Reviews, restaurant marketing

Owning a restaurant is no easy endeavor. There are so many things you constantly need to have your eye on, from food...

Tags: Restaurant Reviews, restaurant marketing

These days, a business is not just a business. If you own a B2C model company, you are also a brand. Some businesses spend all...

Tags: marketing, restaurant marketing

THE CHALLENGE: 70% Of Restaurant Customers Never Come Back For A Second Visit

Tags: restaurant marketing, Restaurant case studies, restaurant success

THE CHALLENGE: The Biggest Problem with Loyalty Programs

Hurricane Bar & Grill had been serving customers in Huntington Beach,...

Tags: restaurant marketing, restaurant success, Restaurant ads

With the rise of sanitizing concerns since the beginning of 2020, restaurants and bars did not get off to a great start to...

Tags: Restaurants, restaurant marketing, restaurant success

As a restaurant owner, you want to spend most of your time doing what you do best —making great food. But even though this is...

Tags: restaurant marketing

How can you get more customers? What’s the best way to market your bar or restaurant? Word of mouth is one, but that isn't...

Tags: Restaurant Reviews, restaurant marketing, restaurant success

With so many businesses closing from the nation’s stay-at-home mandate, many restaurants are faced with the dilemma of closing...

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